You may feel a rush of relief once you’ve found a buyer for your home, but the journey is not over yet and several things still have the potential to go wrong and cause more trouble than what you might find worth. However, knowing about the common problems and how to prevent them might put you a step ahead of the game and make things go just as smoothly as you envisioned them.


  1. The Final Walkthrough: It’s the day before the closing and your buyer comes to the house one final time to make sure that everything is as it should be, but it’s not. The dishwasher is making funny noises, the fridge is leaking water, or maybe the furnace decided to break. Whatever the issue is, something is not right. If any of these things happen, they’re on you to fix before the buyer moves in. Knowing the state of the equipment in the house allows you to be upfront with the buyer so they know what has not been serviced in a while and what to keep an eye out for. Knowing there is a problem and pretending it doesn’t exist so that it falls on the new buyer is irresponsible and will come back to bite you if you’re not careful.

  2. Mortgage Delays: While this is not directly your problem to deal with, it does affect you and the sale of their home. Problems on the buyer’s end could end up costing you valuable time, sometimes months if their lender is not up to speed on everything. The key to preventing this is communication and making sure everyone is still on the same page. If there happens to be a delay, at least you’ll know well enough in advance to adjust your plans accordingly.

  3. Document Errors: Whether it be something as minor as a misspelled address, phone number, or last name, or as major as missing pages and wildly incorrect numbers, document errors have the same potential as a mortgage delay to set the selling of your home back days while the documents are replaced or added. Tp prevent this common error, make sure you double check everything, and then triple check the documents. Get someone else to check them as well and verify everything with the buyer. The sooner the errors are noticed, the sooner they can be fixed.

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