One Percent Realty is all about giving back to the communities they serve and they are big on us agents looking for projects. I’ve always loved those competitions you see on TV where the dogs are running all over an obstacle course and, given my love of dogs, I managed to convince them to sponsor weekly events.

They will be held every Saturday, from 10-11 am. This is totally for fun and I fully expect some dogs will just run all over the place and not get it at all or even just sit there! It’s all good. Each team of dog and handler will be videotaped (unless requested not to be) and you’ll be able to see the links here of you and your best buddy giving it all.

We hope to get going at the beginning of June, weather permitting. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out, especially with holding the video camera (dead simple) – you’d be most welcome.

Location – Off-leash dog corral at Maple and Marpole in Port Coquitlam (See map below)