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Want to clean up my messy room

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    I am a lazy woman. When I’m at home, I relax, and therefore I tend to be rather lax on the cleaning. My room has become really messy, which consists of plastic bags, boxes from things I’ve ordered, empty cans and bottles and so on and so forth. I need some advice on how to be better at cleaning. I purchased a mini bin from Toronto as a part of the new year resolution I have made in order to make my room clean.
    Any idea on what must be done?

    Walter Ekins
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    Hello Farina. You aren’t alone. The first step is to be absolutely ruthless. We pay good money for our stuff and it kills us to throw it out but it’s gotta be done. Some people rent lockers to store their stuff in and then don’t go in to those lockers for years. Same thing with crawlspaces under the house or other tucked away storage locations until they are full to the brim with things that will never see the light of day again. You’ve got to go through every single thing you have and really ask yourself – am I ever going to use this again. Then make piles, one for the keepers, one for Value Village, one for the garbage can.

    Once you’ve got a handle on the stuff you really want to keep you can look at it and decide on how it’s going to be put away. If you use your old system it’s just all going to pile up again. I don’t know if you have Netflix but there is a great series there by this lady who is a professional organizer. It’s called “Tidying Up”. I really suggest you give it a watch, if only to get some ideas.

    Then have a look at Ikea. I suggest you get the catalogue rather that go to the store. You can leaf through the design ideas and find something that works perfectly for you. They have loads of inexpensive storage ideas that can look great.

    Good luck to you Farina!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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