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  • Brittney M.
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    Hello, I am renovating my kitchen, but not too sure where to start.. help!

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    Hi Brittney, Is it a whole kitchen reno, or just particular parts (ie. flooring or opening up a space versus total overhaul)

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    Hey Brittney. Your first step is to establish a budget. How much money do you have to spend? If the answer is bucketloads then just call a designer and they’ll get going on it for you with estimates and contractors that they use. If your funds are limited then focus on what about the kitchen bothers you the most. Floors? Counters? Cabinets? Find that one thing, focus on it, then move on to the next thing when budgets allow. If it’s something you think you might be able to do yourself try to find a video of it on YouTube. There are a ton of people, amateurs and experts, who’ve posted vids on just about everything. Watch them do it and then be honest with yourself and decide if you think it’s something you can take on or if you’ll need a pro. Of all the projects in a kitchen about the only one that is definately not for amateurs is countertops. That is pretty well a trade in itself and takes serious tools. The rest you would be amazed at how simple it can be with the right planning. So break it down, pick the worst, then one project at a time.

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    The renovation process is very important for the home. If you are really doing the renovation at your kitchen. So, firstly make the schedule, and follow this schedule properly. If you are doing this renovation in a simple way and without any distribution then you can get a complete and positive result.

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    If you make a fundamental change.
    You must first know if there are major problems or not?
    For example, is there a water leak or not?
    You need to know the floor or start with the cabinets first. More information

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