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Grey plastic plumbing pipe

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    Hello all. I’m considering buying a house with plastic plumbing but, rather than the white pipe, it is grey. I’ve heard something in the past about this product being defective and wonder if anyone knows anything about it?

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    Hello Mr Hammer, Walter here. What you are seeing is “polybutelene” plumbing. This was the first of the plastic piping systems and was installed in millions of homes and I did a few myself. There is a great article on it here http://www.polybutylene.com/poly.html Contrary to the website’s claims most of the lawsuits involved with it were in connection with boiler systems. The pipe is permeable to Oxygen. So when you have an iron boiler, water, and Oxygen is getting in to the water then you have Iron Oxide, good old rust. Boilers were failing much earlier than they should have. All in all I would avoid a house with Poly-B but, that being said, I’m still in contact with the clients I had from 30 years ago when it was installed and everything is fine. Still, 3 or 4 clients does not make a statistical base and you should probably avoid it if for no other reason than the resale value down the road. If the pipes are connected to a boiler – definately avoid it!

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    Hi hammer
    My house is a bit old and so I have to ask for advice on plumbing more than my friends and acquaintances.
    And I can tell you whether it is good advice or repairs to have some advice with RANDZPLUMBING.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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