About Me

After close to 30 years of being a Builder and Property Developer in BC, it always drove me crazy to finish a project and hand it over to a Realtor. To see the kind of money they made, compared to my end profit, and all the months of work I had to put in to that project to get it.

After finding One Percent Realty, a brokerage that charged an honest fee right up front without any haggling, I decided selling the darned things was a lot easier than building them.

For buyers I can provide just the sort of practical help you need. You could drive yourself around endless open houses and listings. You don’t really need me for that although I’m very much looking forward to doing so. In this market though, it’s going to be tough to find just exactly what you are looking for at the price that is right for you. It’s like your life partner when you first started going out – “A few problems but fixable” (and look how well that turned out!!). Can you take out that wall? Can you put in an extra bathroom? Is that crack in the wall going to be a major headache or something you can actually do yourselves? This is the biggest investment of your lives and I can’t tell you the number of former clients who bought something and then needed someone like me to dig them out of a huge mess – or not!

For sellers I offer you all of the services of the other realtors but at a fraction of the cost. On a one million dollar listing, you would save roughly $40,000 in commissions. Perhaps enough to renovate your next home at no cost?

With my years in Property Development, Marketing, and Sales I hope you’ll feel free to take advantage of every bit of experience I have to get you the right price for your home or to obtain a new home that is (or can be made to) fit the bill exactly.