Let’s face it: nobody likes a dirty and cluttered house, especially potential home buyers. While the outside of the home can look beautiful, that facade can quickly crumble once you step foot in the house and see a mess. Luckily, this is not the case most of the time, as most home sellers are very diligent when it comes to the cleanliness of their home. However, if you’re one of those people who are easily overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to begin, here are 5 helpful and easy steps to get you started.

Step 1: Do one room at a time

If you look at the house as a whole, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the mess. But if you break it down room by room and set goals for each one, the task of cleaning and decluttering doesn’t seem so daunting. 

Step 2: Create a Deadline

As mentioned above, making goals is important when planning to declutter your home. Too often, however, we make the goals, but forget to put a timeline in place on when we want these goals accomplished. If you’re planning on showing your home in two weeks vs. two months, you need to set strict dates on when certain rooms will be completed. This is not meant to stress you out, but to hold yourself accountable. Make deadlines that coordinate with the rest of your daily schedule so things don’t seem so hectic.

Step 3: Categorize your clutter

Once the actual cleaning has begun, you’ll want to organize your clutter to ensure that nothing important gets thrown out. Create three boxes labeled: Keep, Sell, Donate, though you may have more categories if required. This will keep you organized and will help when you finally move so you can get rid of any items that will just end up taking space in the moving van.

Step 4: Ditch the unnecessary stuff

Don’t hang onto everything that’s in your drawers. Have a kitchen utensil that hasn’t been used in 6 months? Chances are, you don’t need it. Same goes with clothing. If you find that you’re only wearing the same few outfits everyday and haven’t worn a certain item in over a year, maybe it’s time to part ways with it.

Step 5: Save the sentimental items for last

These items require a little more thought before deciding which box they belong to. It’s a lot easier to go through basic items like linens and kitchen utensils than it is to go through heirlooms and items passed down from your family. When in doubt, hang onto them and save yourself the regret of having thrown something out because you were in a rush to declutter.

And there you have it. 5 simple steps to get your home decluttered and open house ready. If you need more advice or tips on how to increase your chances of selling your home, give Walter Ekins a call at 778-872-4072.